Open & Affirming

Justice & Peace Seeking


FCUCC blends tradition, critical thinking, and heightened sense of experience that can be revisited, rehashed, and re-explored throughout your day to day lives.

We will meet you at the doors with a heartfelt, warm welcome. Is this your first time visiting us? We will introduce you to others, sit with you during worship if you wish, feed you cookies, serve you coffee and converse about worship and faith.

Worried about what to wear to our worship services? Come visit us in Oxfords, flip-flops, neckties, T-shirts, dresses, and slacks. Come as you are and leave as you yearn to be in the love of Christ.

Music is vital to our worship. We sing – a lot! You’ll hear hymns, choir anthems, vocal and instrumental solos, piano, organ, guitar, trumpet, bells and more! Our hymnal, “The New Century Hymnal” incorporates the very finest hymn tunes and texts from across the centuries and recasts many traditional texts in “inclusive” language. Why? In order to treat people of all colors, ethnicities, ages, and genders as precious in the sight and mind of God.

The same goes for the prayers, responses, sacraments, religious education, and sermons. How we say and what we say, says a lot about each other and about God!

Preaching is about how God still speaks through the wisdom and witness of our scriptures, stories, poems, traditions, and own experience and reason. We take wisdom from any way we can get it, and we employ our own best wisdom to sort from among the many sources of God’s presence and action to live more responsibly, maturely, faithfully, graciously, and joyfully.

Looking for a church home?  Looking to work out your faith and love and service to God, your neighbors, yourself?  Find yourself on life’s journey seeking something else, something more?  You are always welcome here! Join us at FCUCC in Ocala.

God doesn’t reject people. Neither do we.