Religious Education for Children

Religious Education for Children

Religious young man praying on dark background

FCUCC Religious Education for Children

Our Religious Education program will give your child a joyful and enthusiastic experience of God and Jesus. Children, whether young or older, will continually learn and grow in their own faith journey and will be provided various ways to explore how Jesus taught us about loving others unconditionally and what being a disciple in their own lives means.  


To develop a church family where each and every child feels welcomed, loved, appreciated and safe in God’s house.  To provide a nurturing Christian environment where children can enhance their emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. 


God still speaks through the Bible, and by means of a combination of connection, educational opportunities, service and justice-making we want to help children hear, wonder, and ask questions that they may more clearly understand the most important teaching.


We believe that God has made each child with unique gifts that deserve to be treasured and developed. We encourage youth to study the Bible and apply the lessons to everyday life, to learn the basic traditions of the United Church of Christ and to take an active role in worship and the life of the church.

We hope you and your children will join us in our faith journey!