--- And We Mean, Everybody ---

Is Welcome In This Church!

Inclusiveness is a fundamental tenet of our faith and practice as Christians. Christ is the cornerstone of that extravagant welcome, and we believe that our scriptures are testaments about God's love, work, presence, and extravagant welcome, testaments that we, in our place, day, and time, embrace and weave to become our own testaments.

Remember that part about all people being welcome in our church? It's not just a matter of "Jesus didn't reject people, neither do we," it's also about "Jesus welcomed people, and so do we," but the larger matter is that we welcome people because we want to. We really mean it, we really practice it. You'll notice it, feel it, experience it from the moment you walk in our doors.

Accordingly, our worship service and our Communion Service are open to ALL people, whether they are members of our church, members of another denomination---or members of another faith. We bring communion to our home-bound members and associates on Communion Sundays in the afternoon. 

Our Worship Service includes creative, gender-inclusive liturgies, litanies, and hymns; scripture readings; a powerful, thought-invoking sermon firmly rooted in the wisdom of the ages, and tempered with the very latest in Biblical and theological criticism; prayers; a time to share concerns and celebrations---

---oh, and one other thing: bring a sense of humor, you'll need it. And bring a sense of openness and wonder, too. You never know what might happen next. God works like that. So do we---because we want to.

A Progressive Community of Faith in the Heart of Central Florida