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History of the United Church of Christ

A Short Course in the History of the United Church of Christ (UCC) tells our story beginning with our origins in the small community who followed Jesus 20 centuries ago and continuing to the present. Click HERE to go to the Short Course website

Learn about ...

  1. Bullet        the Reformation — a protest movement against

             the abuse of authority by church leaders;

  1. Bullet        the rediscovery by Luther and Calvin of the Bible's teaching

            that salvation is not earned, but is a gift;

  1. Bullet        the epic journey of the Pilgrims from England

            to the shores of North America;

  1. Bullet        the waves of emigration by German and Hungarian    

            Protestants seeking spiritual and political freedom;

  1. Bullet        the beginning of the first Christian anti-slavery movement

            in history;

  1. Bullet        the 20th-century movement to reunite

            the divided branches of Christ's church;

            and, as a result of that movement,

            the union of several traditions of Protestant Christianity

            into the United Church of Christ in 1957.

We invite you to use the Short Course for your personal study or as a resource for confirmation and new-member classes in your congregation. On every page, you'll find links to related resources on this website, links to other resources on the Internet, and ideas about books for further study.